czwartek, 17 kwietnia 2014

Vintage - woman sketch

This drawing is part of my leaving cert project.  The title is 'the vintage emporium' although it is not really that much obvious with the first glance.  It's only research anyway :)  Here it is..

piątek, 4 kwietnia 2014

Pencil sketch

Don't know why but I'm really into negative sketching lately. Hmm.  I drew these faces in a similar fashion as the balley. Instead of shade and dark, I drew light...  the result is probably a normal sketch luminated from the other side but ah well ;) Enjoy and get inspired ;* 

środa, 2 kwietnia 2014

chalk sketch in negative

Another addition to my portfolio for a college. This sketch was done in white chalk on a page previously covered with black acrylic paint. I hope you recognise that the subject of the drawing is balley ? :)  I am in big trouble if you don't :/    :)  I fancied to do a negative this time.  It took me a week to sit down and draw it but when I did, it took me 5 minutes. Weird isn 't it ?  Well, I hope you like it. Enjoy ;)