niedziela, 19 października 2014


Hi guys (;  sorry for this silence but I am now so preoccupied with college that I barely even have any time left to do some art. An awful shame I know. I don'teven have any social life anymore x). As expected from architecture I guess.  And I am very very sorry but all I have to show to you today are my sketches of Dublin's georgian architecture and two pages from my art notebook.  
I drew this standing so excuse the sloppy lines. This is the dining hall building of the Trinity college in Dublin.  Classical architecture in it's finest (:
And this is an entrance to one of Trinity's buildings also.  Ruscinnian gothic style (;  sorry but since I am now an architecture student, you will see more and more of these drawings and I will bore you with all the posh style names so be prepared x). 
This page is not finished yet. It is my drawing but not my design. I sketched it from my birthday card ^^.       Hope you're satisfied with all this for now. Bye (;