czwartek, 21 sierpnia 2014

Cardboard box + paper maché

OMG! OMG! OMG!  I know!    This is my second post today!    I'm unreal I know :3.   
This happens so rarely that, you must excuse me for my, a bit overenthusiastic greeting ^^.   And guess what ^^  there is still something out there in my bedroom waiting patiently for me to move my lazy butt (;   Might be tomorrow, hopefully (:  

Anyway, today (:   I have a handmade box from scratch. The recipe for this lovely piece of art is cardboard, masking tape, newspaper and glue.  All you do is cut each side of your box from a thick cardboard or if you only have a thin one, do the sides from two or even better three pieces to make sure it doesnt fall apart as easily. Glue it together, tape together and voilà, you have your raw cardboard box (;    Easy peasy (;  To make it even more strong, you tear newspaper to pieces, put it in a solution of PVA glue and stick it on. Its something of a paper maché kind.  Last step:  decoration :3.   

Just to show my little brother that his big sister can sometimes hear and apply what he has got to say, I left the outside as it was. He kept going on about how it already is a piece of art and I will ruin it if I paint it over^^ well thanks bro for trusting in my art taste ('-')     BUT the inside was mine and I felt like doing some découpage. You can really see what my mood was when I was doing it ^^ Voilà (:   This is how it looks from the outside..

And inside..

And this is how it looks when stocked with all my pencil and charcoal sketching needs :3. 

Portrait sketch

Hey pals (:   These two have been ordered by my friend. Yup, took ages, one a day, but it looks great I know you admit it ;P.   It's weird couse I keep discovering these secret abilities I have, of whose existance I wasn't aware ^^. I never new I could draw people so well for example x).  My faces (and especially lips :E erghh ) never looked good, thank goodness few artistic tricks are out there (;  well, I think I'll start my portrait business. Anyone wants theirs? X).      

wtorek, 19 sierpnia 2014

Wrapped bracelets

Heyo (:   I've got these lovely bracelets to show to you today.  I promised I'd mention that my little cousin tought me how to make them ( yup, she was the one to make me promise it ^^ ).    Well, I've got to say they are dead easy to make for all of you lazy craftees over there (;    All you do is take some wool or embroidery thread and wrap it round more wool or embroidery thread. Easy right ? ;D.    Well, here they are. I made mine by wrapping the thread around, believe it or not, the round thing that's left after you run out of saletape x).   It's too big for my hand by a chunk but looks nice so, ah well (:
That one's mine:

And that one's my cousins ( '~'). :