środa, 30 lipca 2014

Playing with food (;

Hey guys (; 
I thought that maybe you might benefit from my art experiments. I mentioned in the last post that I wanted to make the piece textured, right? Well, before I even started, I was having fun with mixing food with paint (: yup you read it right, food ^^.  In the end I didn't even use any of them, you can read in my last post, why. So I thought they might be useful to you. I'm putting up some pictures in hope that maybe one will catch your eye and make you say "oh my gosh! That looks so cool! I wanna use it in my art! " (;   If you read the descriptions and wonder what the hell "kasza" means, we'll... Wonder no more because it's "pottage" or "barley" or whatever the name it has in English. I wrote it in polish simply because I didn't know the name for it at the time (:  

wtorek, 29 lipca 2014


Howdy people ;D 
Today I'm back with something a bit unusual. If you've seen what I usually do, this is going to be a style standing out a whole mile from my pieces. Well, I'm kinda still searching for my own style and this just poped into my head recently when I was staring at a shelf of hygiene poducts in the bathroom. Great place to get inspiration, right?^^     At first, I wanted to make it a textured piece, with stuff like rice, salt, coffe, etc, in my paint. This was to back up the idea of 'chemical reactions' going on inside the container which we can't really see. But, when I got to this stage which you can see down below on the photo, I thought it looked pretty cool already and any additional fun might ruin it. So I left it as it was and voilà (;  I love the colours on this though ♡ hope you do too^^ I can't wait to hang it on my wall (!).. stupid varnish takes ages to dry ^^

środa, 23 lipca 2014

crochet doily

Heeyyy guys =]  I'm back with some crochet!   Found this lying about, not even finished.. What a shame I know ^^         I got it stiffened with starch and it's ready to be adopted (;