czwartek, 25 grudnia 2014

Day 2 and 3. Ink

I was so busy with cooking for Christmas yesterday that I completely forgot to post your picture. But be sad no more becouse I'll make up for it today :)
There is your photo for yesterday. It is what my eyes saw in a blob of blue ink ^^ no idea how

And for today, another ink drawing. My little brother can't seem to get the meaning of this but it's obvious isn't it?   An elephant carries another on his back who seems to be as annoying as the Donkey from Shrek ;D. Merry Christmas again !!  

wtorek, 23 grudnia 2014

Recompensation ^^

I'm so so so sorry !! D:  yes, I do realise that I haven't posted for quite a while now. It has been a very busy semester you see. I barely even had the time to sit down and enjoy a bit of painting :L.  Architecture does really take over your life haha ^^.   But I can recompensate this for you. As a way of saying sorry for neglecting my beloved art, I will do something you never would have expected! Something that I didn't even think would ever happen!  *DRUMROLL*   !!!!!     A page of a sketchbook a day!!!      Yesss!         That means art every day!                Aren't you all excited?! XD.    

Now, I believe you're all aware that a bit of Christmas will not change my life and I'll still be very very busy when I come back to college so don't you expect miracles :).   The sketchbook that I'm talking about is the one I prepared for my interview last year. I believe it's about time to show you some of the best pages. Meanwhile I'll work on new stuff in my own pace. How about that? ;)   
Some artwork in this sketchbook is 2 or 3years old so I apologise in advance for the drawings where the pencil line faded or for the pages smuged and messy from the many fingers that flicked through it. 
Hope you'll forgive me! :)    Merry Christmas !!