czwartek, 25 grudnia 2014

Day 2 and 3. Ink

I was so busy with cooking for Christmas yesterday that I completely forgot to post your picture. But be sad no more becouse I'll make up for it today :)
There is your photo for yesterday. It is what my eyes saw in a blob of blue ink ^^ no idea how

And for today, another ink drawing. My little brother can't seem to get the meaning of this but it's obvious isn't it?   An elephant carries another on his back who seems to be as annoying as the Donkey from Shrek ;D. Merry Christmas again !!  

wtorek, 23 grudnia 2014

Recompensation ^^

I'm so so so sorry !! D:  yes, I do realise that I haven't posted for quite a while now. It has been a very busy semester you see. I barely even had the time to sit down and enjoy a bit of painting :L.  Architecture does really take over your life haha ^^.   But I can recompensate this for you. As a way of saying sorry for neglecting my beloved art, I will do something you never would have expected! Something that I didn't even think would ever happen!  *DRUMROLL*   !!!!!     A page of a sketchbook a day!!!      Yesss!         That means art every day!                Aren't you all excited?! XD.    

Now, I believe you're all aware that a bit of Christmas will not change my life and I'll still be very very busy when I come back to college so don't you expect miracles :).   The sketchbook that I'm talking about is the one I prepared for my interview last year. I believe it's about time to show you some of the best pages. Meanwhile I'll work on new stuff in my own pace. How about that? ;)   
Some artwork in this sketchbook is 2 or 3years old so I apologise in advance for the drawings where the pencil line faded or for the pages smuged and messy from the many fingers that flicked through it. 
Hope you'll forgive me! :)    Merry Christmas !! 

niedziela, 19 października 2014


Hi guys (;  sorry for this silence but I am now so preoccupied with college that I barely even have any time left to do some art. An awful shame I know. I don'teven have any social life anymore x). As expected from architecture I guess.  And I am very very sorry but all I have to show to you today are my sketches of Dublin's georgian architecture and two pages from my art notebook.  
I drew this standing so excuse the sloppy lines. This is the dining hall building of the Trinity college in Dublin.  Classical architecture in it's finest (:
And this is an entrance to one of Trinity's buildings also.  Ruscinnian gothic style (;  sorry but since I am now an architecture student, you will see more and more of these drawings and I will bore you with all the posh style names so be prepared x). 
This page is not finished yet. It is my drawing but not my design. I sketched it from my birthday card ^^.       Hope you're satisfied with all this for now. Bye (;

czwartek, 11 września 2014

drawing of a recipe- challenge

This is my response to a drawing challenge organised by Mała Ihi: 
Title was "recipe", so I drew my favourite coconut cookies (;  Try them yourselves, they're delicious (:   It was nice to hold a pencil again after such long time of holding a brush ^^.  Now the deadline was last Monday, but it won't hurt sharing after it. Mind you that I only came across the challange, 4hours before the deadline, so it is no surprise that I have it finished only today (;

piątek, 5 września 2014

Souvenirs from holidays

And here is my graphite sketch of the buildings in the town in which I was staying for my holidays (:   

And this is a souvenir which I bought over there (:  it's a print of a wtercolour . (  COPYRIGHTED!!  ).  You can see the architecture over there is just stunning (;  

czwartek, 4 września 2014

A plaster figure of a dog

Ah, and by the way, here is what I'm doing now. I'm repainting an old plaster figure of a dog. I know it looks really creepy the way it is at the moment with it's white eyes but wait till I'm finished! (;   (Which may take somewhere from a day up to a year ^^ ).    I've three more of those to go but I try not to think about them x). 

Circle earbud pouch

Well....  Sorry but it turned out I was too lazy on that day x).  And then I went off for my holidays if any of you were wondering ^^ .  Ups...    Well now I'm back and ready to update my blog. Yupee (;    So firstaval, my earbuds pouch! Guided by the tutorial of "dogundermydesk" (which you can find here: ) I created this mini cutie (:   Mine is a bit smaller but that's becouse I cannot sew circles ;P.    In fact, I made another one for my cousin which turned out much more nicely (to my dissapointment! ), but I forgot to snap a picture for you guys so maybe next time (;      The thing is very easy to sew and damn handy so I definitly reccommend it for anyone who has a sewing machine or can borrow one from someone.  

czwartek, 21 sierpnia 2014

Cardboard box + paper maché

OMG! OMG! OMG!  I know!    This is my second post today!    I'm unreal I know :3.   
This happens so rarely that, you must excuse me for my, a bit overenthusiastic greeting ^^.   And guess what ^^  there is still something out there in my bedroom waiting patiently for me to move my lazy butt (;   Might be tomorrow, hopefully (:  

Anyway, today (:   I have a handmade box from scratch. The recipe for this lovely piece of art is cardboard, masking tape, newspaper and glue.  All you do is cut each side of your box from a thick cardboard or if you only have a thin one, do the sides from two or even better three pieces to make sure it doesnt fall apart as easily. Glue it together, tape together and voilà, you have your raw cardboard box (;    Easy peasy (;  To make it even more strong, you tear newspaper to pieces, put it in a solution of PVA glue and stick it on. Its something of a paper maché kind.  Last step:  decoration :3.   

Just to show my little brother that his big sister can sometimes hear and apply what he has got to say, I left the outside as it was. He kept going on about how it already is a piece of art and I will ruin it if I paint it over^^ well thanks bro for trusting in my art taste ('-')     BUT the inside was mine and I felt like doing some découpage. You can really see what my mood was when I was doing it ^^ Voilà (:   This is how it looks from the outside..

And inside..

And this is how it looks when stocked with all my pencil and charcoal sketching needs :3. 

Portrait sketch

Hey pals (:   These two have been ordered by my friend. Yup, took ages, one a day, but it looks great I know you admit it ;P.   It's weird couse I keep discovering these secret abilities I have, of whose existance I wasn't aware ^^. I never new I could draw people so well for example x).  My faces (and especially lips :E erghh ) never looked good, thank goodness few artistic tricks are out there (;  well, I think I'll start my portrait business. Anyone wants theirs? X).      

wtorek, 19 sierpnia 2014

Wrapped bracelets

Heyo (:   I've got these lovely bracelets to show to you today.  I promised I'd mention that my little cousin tought me how to make them ( yup, she was the one to make me promise it ^^ ).    Well, I've got to say they are dead easy to make for all of you lazy craftees over there (;    All you do is take some wool or embroidery thread and wrap it round more wool or embroidery thread. Easy right ? ;D.    Well, here they are. I made mine by wrapping the thread around, believe it or not, the round thing that's left after you run out of saletape x).   It's too big for my hand by a chunk but looks nice so, ah well (:
That one's mine:

And that one's my cousins ( '~'). :

środa, 30 lipca 2014

Playing with food (;

Hey guys (; 
I thought that maybe you might benefit from my art experiments. I mentioned in the last post that I wanted to make the piece textured, right? Well, before I even started, I was having fun with mixing food with paint (: yup you read it right, food ^^.  In the end I didn't even use any of them, you can read in my last post, why. So I thought they might be useful to you. I'm putting up some pictures in hope that maybe one will catch your eye and make you say "oh my gosh! That looks so cool! I wanna use it in my art! " (;   If you read the descriptions and wonder what the hell "kasza" means, we'll... Wonder no more because it's "pottage" or "barley" or whatever the name it has in English. I wrote it in polish simply because I didn't know the name for it at the time (:  

wtorek, 29 lipca 2014


Howdy people ;D 
Today I'm back with something a bit unusual. If you've seen what I usually do, this is going to be a style standing out a whole mile from my pieces. Well, I'm kinda still searching for my own style and this just poped into my head recently when I was staring at a shelf of hygiene poducts in the bathroom. Great place to get inspiration, right?^^     At first, I wanted to make it a textured piece, with stuff like rice, salt, coffe, etc, in my paint. This was to back up the idea of 'chemical reactions' going on inside the container which we can't really see. But, when I got to this stage which you can see down below on the photo, I thought it looked pretty cool already and any additional fun might ruin it. So I left it as it was and voilà (;  I love the colours on this though ♡ hope you do too^^ I can't wait to hang it on my wall (!).. stupid varnish takes ages to dry ^^

środa, 23 lipca 2014

crochet doily

Heeyyy guys =]  I'm back with some crochet!   Found this lying about, not even finished.. What a shame I know ^^         I got it stiffened with starch and it's ready to be adopted (;   

czwartek, 26 czerwca 2014

Catching up (:

Hey everybody!^^ I realise that I neglected you slightly lately and I apologise. Now as I've got my exams over and done with, I'll try to post here a bit more often. Meanwhile, I was looking through my stash and I found some art that you didn't see yet. Enjoy (;

wtorek, 27 maja 2014


Hey ;)  I got my entry back^^   Although I shouldn't be so happy becouse that means it didn't win but I'm glad they didn't bin it like they do sometimes. This was Texaco Children's Art competition. And the subject is a woodcarver of course ;) A person whom I know personaly and who tought me how to wood carve, last summer.  I thought it would be a very nice subject, don't you agree? ^^  Notice the warm colours :)  I intended them to convey passion and love for what he is doing  ;)  worked well I think ^^  This is acrylic paint if somebody is curious ;)

czwartek, 17 kwietnia 2014

Vintage - woman sketch

This drawing is part of my leaving cert project.  The title is 'the vintage emporium' although it is not really that much obvious with the first glance.  It's only research anyway :)  Here it is..