czwartek, 11 września 2014

drawing of a recipe- challenge

This is my response to a drawing challenge organised by Mała Ihi: 
Title was "recipe", so I drew my favourite coconut cookies (;  Try them yourselves, they're delicious (:   It was nice to hold a pencil again after such long time of holding a brush ^^.  Now the deadline was last Monday, but it won't hurt sharing after it. Mind you that I only came across the challange, 4hours before the deadline, so it is no surprise that I have it finished only today (;

piątek, 5 września 2014

Souvenirs from holidays

And here is my graphite sketch of the buildings in the town in which I was staying for my holidays (:   

And this is a souvenir which I bought over there (:  it's a print of a wtercolour . (  COPYRIGHTED!!  ).  You can see the architecture over there is just stunning (;  

czwartek, 4 września 2014

A plaster figure of a dog

Ah, and by the way, here is what I'm doing now. I'm repainting an old plaster figure of a dog. I know it looks really creepy the way it is at the moment with it's white eyes but wait till I'm finished! (;   (Which may take somewhere from a day up to a year ^^ ).    I've three more of those to go but I try not to think about them x). 

Circle earbud pouch

Well....  Sorry but it turned out I was too lazy on that day x).  And then I went off for my holidays if any of you were wondering ^^ .  Ups...    Well now I'm back and ready to update my blog. Yupee (;    So firstaval, my earbuds pouch! Guided by the tutorial of "dogundermydesk" (which you can find here: ) I created this mini cutie (:   Mine is a bit smaller but that's becouse I cannot sew circles ;P.    In fact, I made another one for my cousin which turned out much more nicely (to my dissapointment! ), but I forgot to snap a picture for you guys so maybe next time (;      The thing is very easy to sew and damn handy so I definitly reccommend it for anyone who has a sewing machine or can borrow one from someone.